English Leaving Cert and Junior Cert

leaving-certWe give expert analysis of all texts on the course.  Shakespearean themes and characters are examined from numerous angles that go way beyond regular standard school notes, whether tragedy or comedy, with third level academic references included to give authority and pedigree to your ideas.

Poetry is considered in terms of meaning and how that meaning is related through context, voice, structure and use of language. All poets on the course are dealt with in detail to allow their work to actually mean something to you and allow you to speak with confidence, rather than merely repeat notes… and analysis means grades.

Prose texts and novels are also analysed in terms of narrative voice, who is speaking…what you are being told in terms of plot and character and how that affects the author’s message and the themes he or she is highlighting. This allows for quality discussion for the comparative part of the exam as we isolate common themes and consider how to argue powerfully in defence of your points.

Dealing with the comprehension section the exam students need to be aware that certain techniques and ways of thinking are required. Students will learn the GAP-LIST system used by some schools in the UK in their preparation for ‘A levels’, as to how to systematically think their way through a comprehension.

Composition is central to the exam and we will examine the various types of written expression from short stories to personal essay. Again there are methods and specific approaches to creative writing often by-passed in schools and it is imperative that these techniques are understood to achieve a high grade.

You, as a student must stand out from the group to get the higher grades and that means coherent argument and a deeper understanding of these texts that is often lacking in a classroom among up to 30 students. At Shankill Languages the classes will not exceed four students and are usually smaller, indeed sometimes, depending on demand may be individual.

Tutor has a 1st class BA Hons in English Literature coupled with direct performance experience of Shakespeare among other texts and has a comprehensive knowledge of theatre, poetry, prose and literary production. As with previous students who gained excellent grades in past years you will discover angles on your texts that will raise your analysis above your peers.

A systematic thought process is vital to enhance your grade that is our priority.

Understanding how to look at literature is a gift forever, a gift you will acquire with in our lessons. .

       ‘…literature creates meaning, meaning creates life’-Roland Barthes, French literary critic